Work With Me - MaggieBrown Photography

I was in grade school when I begged for my first camera and quickly became the official family photographer.  Those early pictures are now very much treasured by everyone, but they were film (negatives are long gone) and are one of a kind and fading with time. 

With the introduction of digital camera, this passion of mine jumped to a whole new level.  I could take, review and delete over and over eventually capturing that perfect shot!

I became very serious about "making" pictures versus just "taking" pictures.  I do this because I LOVE it more than earning a living from it. 

I'm drawn first to family photography and capturing those special moments and telling the story of that little point in time.  The family still loves pouring through this documentary of their earlier lives.  

I have created this site to get the photos out of my computer and in a place for all to enjoy whenever the nostalgia bug bites them.

All the work I do for others can also be found here, however, it will be kept private just for them and any they choose to share it with. 

Best way to contact me is email at